Amsterdam Airport International Transit Area

Novamedik Sars-Cov-2 Test Booking

(Gate D10)

中文网站 (Chinese Website)

Newest Update:

Being restricted by newest regulations of China, Novamedik would only accept test bookings of passengers who fly to China on second day after test. Passengers who arrive and fly on the same day will not be accepted for test!

We kindly request passengers to be at test center before 16:30 hour to enure the report being processed by Chinese Embassy

(Test center languages: Chinese-English-Dutch-German)

We encourage you to pay with European Bank debit card, Master and Visa Credit Cards, Alipay or Wechat pay at test center.

Cash payment is NOT accepted, unless no other means!

Opening time: Mon-Sun 10:30-17:30, Sampling time till 17:00


Step1 : Read requirments

1. Read Chinese Embassy Instructions

2. Apply departure country Health Code(download Novamedik Test Booking for local Chinese Embassy health code application, if required)

3. upload your Healthcode from departure country

4. book your test in Novamedik Test Center Amsterdam airport

Step2 : Test booking

COVID-19 tests for entering China (320 euro):

  • RT-PCR test (200 euro)

  • IgM Serology test (120 euro)

Attention for Flying to China:

Novamedik Amsterdam Airport Test Center only accepts passengers with Health Code issued by departure country Chinese Embassy

Upload your Healthcode issued by Chinese Emabssy of departure country,fill in information to book your test, print your Novamedik booking QR code.

Show this code at Airport Novamedik Test Center at arrival.

Flying to EU countries, America, Asia (not mainland China), Africa, Australia and other regions

We provide in urgent situation, walk-in test of Sars-Cov-2 for travellers in transit phase to other destinations

Novamedik Test Report is accepted by all countries and international airlines

In this case, you could book the test online

RT-PCR Test (200 euro), result within 3 hours

Rapid Antigen test (100 euro), result within 20 minutes

Rapid Antibody test IgG/IgM (120 euro), Finger blood, result within 20 minutes

Virus neutralising antibody test (120 euro) , result within 6 hours

Booking test for Non-China desitination international passengers: please upload your passport copy at where the Chinese Green Code is needed!

Novamedik COVID Test Center is an officially registered test facility inside Amsterdam Airport international transit area, co-operates with Schiphol Airport, Airport Medical Service, KLM Health Service, Dutch CDC Kennemerland, Streeklab Haarlem, Reports pandemic control information to Dutch RIVM

Novamedik follows closely extra guidelines of all international airlines and their requirment of destination country entry test.