Amsterdam Airport International Transit Area
Novamedik Sars-Cov-2 Test Booking

(Gate D10)

中文网站 (Chinese Website)

Newest Update:

China Entry Test has been tightened again on 1st April, 2022 and the new test policy will be active from 10th April. Please read very carefully the newest test policy here : Click China Embassy Anouncement

Urgent changes from Chinese Embassy: Start from 17th May 2022, all passengers need double PCR test, no matter you are vaccinated or not!

Important update:

1. All booking for 12 hour tests start from 11 April will begin with max 150 passengers per flight. Your booking confirmation is numbered.

2. Please upload you flight ticket from your country to Amsterdam at booking page, a false ticket could not get a Health code.

3. After booking, use your novamedik booking (PDF)to apply your Health Code from your country to Amsterdam

4. Every passport number is allowed to book only once per flight, be sure make no mistakes while booking your test.

Very important: check carefully when should you arrive at test center according to Real-Time OPERATING TABLE, irrelavent of booking time

Result standard:

China entry test PCR standard is different than most of European labs: Instead of using >ct33 or >ct35 as positive standard, China uses >=ct40 as positive standard. It means your risk being tested POSITIVE in Amsterdam airport is largely increased! We are not responsible of any test report resulted flight, travel changes.


European Bank debit card, Master and Visa Credit Cards, Alipay or Wechat pay at test center. (No Cash)

Test time:

For 12 hour PCR test before boarding, if your flight is after 17:00 in the evening, you need to be at test center at 7AM waiting for test!

For 12 hour departure Rapid antigen test , you need to check Real-time opening hours !


Location Transit Zoen: Gate D10.

Location Airport Dutch side test center: Right side of Sheraton hotel entrance, in Airport Passage to Terminals (only by appointment).


COVID-19 tests for entering China :

  • 12 hour RT-PCR + IgM test (380 euro)

  • 12 hour two independent RT-PCR tests (450 euro)

  • 12 hour single RT-PCR test (250 euro)

  • 1 hour boarding Rapid Angtigen test (70 euro)

Attention for Flying to China:

Novamedik Amsterdam Airport Test Center only accepts passengers with Health Code issued by departure country Chinese Embassy

Upload your Healthcode issued by Chinese Emabssy of departure country,fill in information to book your test, print your Novamedik booking QR code.

Show this code at Airport Novamedik Test Center at arrival.

Novamedik COVID Test Center is an officially registered test facility inside Amsterdam Airport international transit area, co-operates with Schiphol Airport, Airport Medical Service, KLM Health Service, Dutch CDC Kennemerland, Streeklab Haarlem, Reports pandemic control information to Dutch RIVM

Novamedik follows closely extra guidelines of all international airlines and their requirment of destination country entry test.