Booking and Test

Q: Can I book a test without departure country Chinese Embassy Health Code?
A: No, you could not pass our online booking system, unless you have departure country Chinese Embassy certificate or, we are informed by the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands to test you without first Health Code. (In that special case, you need to consult with Chinese Embassy first, not asking Novamedik)

Q: Can I book the tests in Amsterdam through telephone call?
A: No, the booking system is linked with Lab analysing software and operates automatically, if you do not book online, you will not be tested.

Q: I need to apply my first Health Code from departure country Chinese Embassy, that will be just before flying to Amsterdam, would it be too late to book tests just before flying to Amsterdam?
A: Please don't worry, we could always test you if you finish a booking. Our test capacity is enough to test everyone who succeeded in booking online.

Q: I am traveling with my kids, what is the test policy for children in Amsterdam?
A: Passengers flying to China from the Netherlands are required to test at any age by the Chinese Embassy, including infants. But suitable test method will be chosen to avoid any risk of injury and recudce uncomfort.  

Q: I have been already vaccinated, what will be the consequences and would it affect my travel to China?
A: We consider a passenger as 'vaccinated' only when an official certificate could be presented to Novamedik, in the form of PDF or Printed. If you are vaccinated, your test result will be analysed by our team and advice will be given to the Emabssy for Health Code. Mostly no problem to fly to China.

Q: Are you Checking IgG+IgM? And through what method?
A: Currently we are taking finger tip blood samples for antibody test: a few drops of blood to analyse IgG and IgM level semi-quantitaive. We only report IgM on the report.

Q: I have a lot of questions want to call Novamedik for help, would it be possible to ask through telephone for guidance?
A: You could always call our service line during working hours, after you have read everything very carefully: Chinese Embassy website, Chinese Health Code website and Novamedik website. Keep in mind, we have a few hundreds of telephone calls from all over the world, please DO NOT call us if you have not been reading all the online informations! We would only answer questions for urgent issues, or passengers really have difficulty in understanding test policy.

Report and Health Code

Q: I am tested today, when can I expect my report arrive in my email?
A: Your report will be sent to your email address that you registered when booking the test in our system, mostly before 9pm. But small amount of the reports will be sent on second day before 10am. If you have not recieved your report after 10am, there might be two reasons: 1. your have input a wrong email when you book the test. 2. your sample has problem, being retested, and you might be concluded as Positive and will not be able to travel further, one of our doctors will call you and instruct you further.

Q: I am traveling with a group, or a family, and we were tested at same time, why others have recieved all their reports except me?
A: Our test system is analysing the samples in an random order, it does not send reports according to sampling orders. So be patient, we have never let down any passenger who has been tested negative for COVID. You will be onboard on your connecting flight to China ontime.

Q: I am not sure if I have input a correct email address, where else could I check and get my report?
A: You could always use your passport number to check your report and download a PDF version by clicking:

Q: There is a wrong birth date, wrong name, wrong test date on my report!
A: Please call the service line, or Lab number for correction. In case the service lines are all busy, you could also come to the test center.

Q: My result is Positive, I need a Positive report quickly for reimbursement of ticket or insurance.
A: Please call service line, or come to front desk ask for help.

Q: I need an invoice, how to arrange it?
A: We give every passenger a receipt while paying at front dest. If you still need an invoice with company title etc., you need to send your requirement to with complete information should be on the invoice. It may take weeks time to get it because we are too busy handling routine work.  

Q: I want to print out my report, can I print it in the airport?
A: Yes, you could ask airport business center or information center to help. Novamedik does not provide printing service because of serveral reasons.

Q: Who could help me to apply for Health Code?
A: No. please ask other passengers or call Emabssy for help, or click Health Code. It is very easy to apply if you follow the instructions step by step. Novamedik service ends after test report sent to you.